Ashes Repatriation

We can take care of everything. We arrange transportation & Airlines, prepare documents and liaise with the embassies.

What is Ashes Repatriation?

Ashes repatriation refers to the process of transporting cremated remains (ashes) of a deceased individual from one location, often a foreign country, to their home country or another designated location. This service is typically required when a person passes away while travelling, living abroad, or when their ashes need to be transported to a specific location as per their final wishes or for cultural or religious reasons.

Why Might You Need Ashes Repatriation Services?

If your loved one passed away while abroad, you may need to repatriate their ashes to their home country for burial, scattering, or memorialization according to their wishes or family preferences.

Another reason is if the deceased may have requested that their ashes be returned to their home country or a specific location that holds personal significance, such as a favourite vacation spot or a place with ancestral ties. Also, If the family moves to another country, they may wish to bring the ashes of their loved one with them to keep their memory close and maintain a sense of connection.

The Global Funeral Repatriation Ashes Process:

Gathering required documentation: We obtain all necessary documents, such as the death certificate, cremation certificate, and any additional paperwork required for customs clearance and transportation.

Secure packaging: Our team ensures that the ashes are placed in a sealed container that complies with international shipping regulations to guarantee safe transit.

Customs clearance: Our experienced team handles all customs procedures, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Transportation options: We provide both air and ground transportation services, depending on your needs and the final destination of the ashes.

Timely delivery: Our commitment to prompt delivery means that you can expect your loved one’s ashes to arrive safely and efficiently.

We offer personalised service, considering your preferences and requirements for the repatriation of your loved one’s ashes.

Do I need an international funeral director to repatriate ashes?

While you don’t necessarily need an international funeral director to repatriate ashes, it can be helpful to work with one to ensure you follow all the necessary regulations, documentation, and transportation requirements.

International funeral directors (like us) have experience dealing with the complexities of repatriation of remains and can help you navigate the process more efficiently.

Are there other alternatives?

Yes, many airlines allow passengers to carry cremated remains as carry-on luggage or checked baggage, but you should check with the specific airline for their policies and requirements.

You will need to carry the ashes in the correct type of sealed container and will need a certificate for the sealing of the ashes. This is also a service we can provide:
Oak Urn, Zinc Cad Seal & Funeral Directors Declaration – £150 where the ashes are brought to us.

Mileage charges apply where we visit to carry out this service.

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