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    What to do when someone passes away?

    We understand the difficulties when a relative passes away abroad. We will simplify the process, and managing the whole repatriation for you. We provide the best support to help you and your loved one return home by providing a professional and dignified service.

    What do I need to do?

    The first thing that’s required is to complete our Instruction form which can be emailed to you by our team. Global Funeral Repatriation will then take care of all further aspects of the repatriation until the person who has passed away has reached their final destination.The official documents we need from you are:

    What We Do

    Global Funeral Repatriation provides a comprehensive international repatriation service globally directly to families, funeral directors and insurance companies. When a person dies, we understand how important it is for the family of the deceased to get their loved one home, quickly and safely.

    We are a global family run repatriation specialist which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Our team are always on standby for you and your family. We begin our services immediately upon instruction to ensure a swift, efficient repatriation service either back to the UK or from the UK to anywhere else in the world.

    From the moment the deceased is taken into our care, we care for them with the upmost respect and consideration. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way and progress will be communicated to you at each step of the delicate progress.

    International and National Body Repatriation

    If the worst happens and your loved one sadly passes away outside of their country or city of residence it can be an intimidating and confusing situation to be in. We can take care of everything for you to get your loved one home quickly and safely.

    Repatriation of Deceased from Abroad

    If your loved one has passed away over seas and you would like their burial or cremation service to take place within the UK, then you will need to arrange the repatriation of your loved ones remains back to the UK.

    Here at Global Funeral Repatriation, we can take care of everything for you to get your loved one home from anywhere in the world quickly and safely including:

    Repatriation of Body Within the UK

    If your loved one has passed away in another city within the UK, we can help you get your loved one back to their home city, within the UK, to a funeral home of your choice, quickly and safely. Here at Global Funeral Repatriation our family offer a truly personal service. We offer a companion to travel with the coffin, providing you with piece of mind and a one-to-one repatriation service.

    Here at Global Funeral Repatriation, we understand how important it is for you and your family to have their loved ones remains returned to their home city or town as quickly and as safely as possible. We can take of the whole process including:

    If your loved one has passed away either within the UK or abroad and you need their remains repatriated back home, then contact Global Funeral Repatriation today on 0800 999 7372.

    Where Do We Repatriate From?

    We can repatriate the remains of your loved one from and to anywhere in the world some of the most common places we repatriate from and to are:

    Death in The UK

    UK to Ireland Body Repatriation

    UK to Ireland

    UK to India Body Repatriation

    UK to India

    UK to Jamaica Body Repatriation

    UK to Jamaica

    UK to Italy Body Repatriation

    UK to Italy

    UK to Europe Body Repatriation

    UK to Europe

    Uk to Nigeria Body Repatriation

    UK to Nigeria

    UK to Portugal Body Repatriation

    UK to Portugal

    UK to Phillipines Body Repatriation

    UK to Philippines

    Death Abroad

    Ireland to UK Body Repatriation

    Ireland to UK

    India to UK Body Repatriation

    India to UK

    Jamaica to UK Body Repatriation

    Jamaica to UK

    Europe to UK Body Repatriation

    Europe to UK

    Nigeria to UK Body Repatriation

    Nigeria to UK

    For more information about our global repatriation services, please contact us today on 0330 175 7517.

    Where Do We Repatriate From?

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