Repatriation from UK to Namibia

UK to Namibia Body Repatriation

Global Funeral Repatriation offers a comprehensive repatriation service from any location in the United Kingdom to any location in Namibia. We can fly into Windhoek airport, please enquire for more information.


This includes:
– Collection of the person who has passed away from anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales
– 90 days mortuary care including full embalming with certification
– Appropriate sealing of the coffin in line with international regulations
– A light oak veneer coffin suitable for international Repatriation (image below, can be upgraded)
– Transportation of the coffin to the departure airport
– Flight fee (up to 150kgs including coffin)
– Arrangement of all required documentation and administrative responsibilities
– Our professional services
– Any consular requirements

Advice for Families

What to do when someone passes away?

We understand the difficulties when a relative passes away abroad. We will simplify the process, and managing the whole repatriation for you. We provide the best support to help you and your loved one return home by providing a professional and dignified service.

What do I need to do?

The first thing that’s required is to complete our Instruction form which can be emailed to you by our team Global Funeral Repatriation will then take care of all further aspects of the repatriation until the person who has passed away has reached their final destination.The official documents we need from you are:


We have great experience in expediting the repatriation process and can usually achieve a repatriation within a few days (paperwork depending)- please speak to our team about this. However, if speed isn’t of the essence, we can arrange a repatriation and then hold pending a flight date. Our fees include 90 days mortuary care, although if you speak to us regarding any longer-term requirements, we will be most accommodating.

Terms & Conditions for Repatriation Packages

The package price is valid for a deceased weighing up to 120kg. Weights between 121kg – 170kg may have an additional flight fee – this will quoted to you prior to booking.

The package price is inclusive of our light oak veneer coffin (except where stated otherwise eg. Italy repatriations). Changes to this are available. Please be aware that other coffins and caskets will also affect the weight of the shipment and may increase the fee from the airline also.

Additional time required for mortuary care outside our 90 day offer will also be charged a standard daily fee of £5.
We take full responsibility for the care of your loved one from the point of collection to the point of delivery at the port/airport of departure.

Global Funeral Repatriation operates a 24 hour, 365 days per year caring, repatriation service from the UK to Namibia. Our family are available to take your call whenever you need us. We are able to transfer the deceased from anywhere within the United Kingdom to Namibia either the same day or the next day. We can arrange all the necessary paperwork required and will liaise with any third parties such as funeral directors at the destination.

Transporting Human Remains From the UK to Namibia

The Repatriation of human remains from the UK to Namibia. This service can include the movement of human remains in the form of cremated remains. We only ever offer a personal service, whereby a member of our family will collect the ashes or remains from any UK destination and deliver them to anywhere in Namibia. We do not utilise third parties such as postage, parcel, or logistics companies.

Airport Transfers to Namibia

Global Funeral Repatriation offers a comprehensive international repatriation service to Namibia. Our all-inclusive price is based on the paperwork, transportation of the coffin and a flight or ferry crossing to Namibia.


We have our own paperwork that is made available to you following a repatriation. We complete a ‘First Call & Quotation’ document, and a ‘Repatriation Report’ document.

First Call & Quotation

This document is used to outline all requirements that you have, it specifies all documents required of you, and us in order to repatriate; legally, effectively, and preparatory with a future funeral service in mind. This document also outlines the quotation as discussed with you, broken down for your advice.

Repatriation Report

This document specifies all of the details of the person who has passed away. It acts as a checklist for paperwork that we are required to collect on your behalf, logs and jewellery or property that we handle, and requires a signature from third parties to countersign the information on that document (e.g. a member of staff at a hospital where we collect someone who has passed away), justifying that the person has any jewellery or property at the time that we attended.

Then a third party at the location where we take the person who has passed away to, will sign to take custody of those items listed, out of our care).

Both documents are duplicated meaning that we can leave one copy with the person that we hand over to upon disembarkation. We can then email or post copies upon request.

We understand how distressing the passing of a loved one can be, especially if they have passed away in another city or a location that is not close to home. Our family strives to take out the stress of getting your loved one home.

If your loved one has passed away in the UK and you require advice on getting them back home to Portugal then contact us today on 0330 175 7517

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